Artificial Intelligence & Future of Web Design

Despite being a pretty well-known concept in the realm of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) sounds like a unicorn, hard to find and use. It sure is a blessing in disguise for designers and developers.

We’ve seen the Internet evolve over the last few decades. As technology will continue to mature and evolve, the modern industry verticals are more likely to rely on faster, accurate, and more affordable modes of online business.

It won’t be a surprise if we say that the hustle-bustle of the whole web design experience has come to an end. Designers and developers can now immensely leverage…

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

This may sound a bit dramatic, but every day you postpone using innovative AI-enabled solutions in your marketing efforts, you’re losing the competitive edge. Yes. AI is no longer a distant future, it is a reality now, and companies like Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and Google are constantly using it. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has gradually paved its way deeper into every company’s marketing efforts by helping brands enhance every step of the customer journey.

Many AI-powered tools are becoming affordable and accessible to medium- and small-sized businesses. …

Global communication through social media-sharing content, and getting feedback

Home-bound with little to do — we are all scrolling our feeds and surprising ourselves with fresh content every day. Today, more than any other time in recent history, social media has become our main source of information.

Surprisingly, the COVID-19 situation has acted as a catalyst to the ever-increasing rise of social media adoption. However, it is challenging for us as marketers or content creators to stand out unless we have a clear social media marketing strategy.

“COVID-19 will continue to govern what we do and how we do it. Innovation will not be a nice-to-have; it’ll be necessary.”

Brand identity concepts for a brand

I work in an IT company and fortunately get the opportunity to work with many startups and big corporations to help them create their brand identity or revamp their existing ones through a distinctive color palette, design, font, logo and even the tagline.

With time, I have realized the importance of having a unique and impactful identity for a brand that stands out. After all, the ultimate goal of your brand identity is to tell your company’s story in a way that creates awareness, excitement and increases brand loyalty among your audience.

In finer terms, the brand identity comprises the…

When I joined the workforce over a half-decade ago, I wanted to have a good job and wanted to have a life. I soon realized that what seems to be a somewhat unreasonable demand back then sums up one of the most important statements of most Millennial and Gen-Z workers.

This might not be surprising now, after the whole COVID and lockdown situation, but remote working was rare a few years back. Thankfully, I found a company that offered me a remote working position even when it was not a norm back then! …

User: Hey, what time is your store closes in New Delhi today?

Simple chatbot: Our store opens until 10 pm, from Monday to Friday.

AI Chatbot: Hi, Riya! We’re open until 10 pm today. It’s freezing in New Delhi, the temperature is expected to drop to 4 degrees during the evening, so dress warm!

Imagine you need information about a store or have a problem with a company’s product, and you call their support center. Chances are most of the times you may interact with a computer at first, as an initial step towards solving your problem.

However, unlike the…

Gone are the days (well, almost) when communicating with machines meant clicking a mouse or typing on a keyboard. Soon, it will be all about talking to the computers through voice recognition — and hearing them talk back!

Statistics show that 41% of adults use voice search at least once per day. Many studies have further predicted, more than half of all smartphone users will engage with voice technology on their device. Juniper Research estimates 4.2 billion devices used voice assistants this year, which will grow to 8.4 billion by 2024, with much of the interactions on smartphones.

Think it…

Virtual-Friendly home workspace

“Working together when we’re not together”

2020 is all about being virtual as our coffees, discussions, chit-chats with our colleagues and our leaders have been limited to Skype, zoom calls or MS Teams. Undisputedly, Covid-19 turned our lives topsy turvy in every possible way and left us scrambling to re-imagine, re-create, and reinvent our ‘workplaces’ to ‘workspaces’.

According to a report by JLL, 66% of employees in India immediately shifted to working from home at the onset of the pandemic outbreak. Over the last six months 30% of Indian workforce believe that the lockdown has given them an enhanced opportunity to balance their work and life…

One of my friends was getting married in a couple of months and to celebrate the occasion I wanted to surprise her with a cake and customized gift. As the other people around the globe, I did a Google search for a red velvet cake and clicked on the first link that popped up in the results.

After a few seconds of patiently staring at the blank space, my screen was filled with delicious looking cakes. …

The Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

The Do’s:

1. Try to be as authentic as possible

The key to influencer marketing lies in the authenticity and credibility of the brand’s chosen social media figures. A successful brand has real people talking about it…likeable personalities who talk real stuff, and walk their talk. A ramification of the rise in the demand for influencers, however, is the increase in the number of fake influencers. These are people posing as influencers by purchasing followers (In fact, a recent study shows that 48 million of Twitter’s total users are bot accounts!) Therefore, be thorough with your research on your chosen social media influencer: working with the wrong influencer can ruin…


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